5 Places I’d Like To Visit


DAY 5 // List 5 places you want to visit

Last time I stepped outside of the borders of Finland, was two years ago, when I took a few hours long boat trip to Tallinn, Estonia. The trip before that was one that I made now 6 years ago to Paris, which definitely has been my favourite of all time. Why I haven’t really traveled since that, I don’t know, probably just haven’t got around doing it, and in addition when you’re a student, it’s not always easy to save up enough money for a proper holiday. Anyhow, I’m always grateful for every chance to travel, and scratch the surface of other cultures a little bit.

That doesn’t mean that I haven’t been daydreaming about visiting different countries all this time. There are multiple places that I would love to explore sometime in the future, and because of that, I’ve selected five quite specific attractions I hope to someday experience in flesh.

1. Broadway

During the past couple of years I’ve developed a true love for musical theatre, funnily enough whilst never actually seeing any live performances. It started when I read Les Misérables, then watched the movie, and then religiously listened to the original London cast album. After that, I saw the 25th anniversary of the Phantom of the Opera on Netflix, and basically became obsessed with it. Then it snowballed to many other fantastic musicals, some of my favourites being Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Sweeney Todd, Hamilton, and the list goes on and on. Needless to say, that it would be an absolute dream to catch a show in New York and see the magic in real life. 

2. The Harry Potter Studio Tour in London

I’ve made peace with the fact that I shall be forever obsessed with, and emotionally linked to the world of Harry Potter. I’ve seen videos and pictures from the London studio tour, and it looks wonderful, and I definitely want to experience it some day. Not only do I want to get closer to the world of magic, but also learn all kinds of facts about the films and appreciate the detail that went to them up close. I don’t know how I’ll be able to handle all the emotion, if I ever get a chance to visit the studios, but hopefully this dream will come true one day.

3. Edinburgh Castle 

Or any other castle in Scotland really. What I’ve seen on TV and pictures,  Scotland seems to be an absolutely beautiful place, and loaded with castles and other historical landmarks, which I adore. There’s something really captivating about old buildings, that have been standing through time. They seem to really concretise history, which I find very exciting. Seeing these castles in flesh would be extraordinary, and also learning all about their history would make it an overall fascinating experience. 

4. Van Gogh Museum

As I wrote in day 1, art museums bring me a lot of joy, so I definitely want to visit as many as I can during my life time. I’d love to visit the Netherlands, and especially the museum dedicated to Van Gogh’s work. I find his art incredibly beautiful and interesting, and it would be great to observe some it at an actual museum instead of online. 

5. Anywhere I’ve yet to discover

It’s difficult to try and narrow down the wonders of this world. The aforementioned places are just my first superficial thoughts about places I’d like to visit. As I’m a huge fan of nature, it would be great to see all the wonderful famous waterfalls and hot springs, and just generally explore the native vegetation in different continents. I’d love to visit places that have true meaning in them, rather than only book those standard sunbathing holidays in the most tourist-filled places. 

So far, this post has been the hardest to put together. As I mentioned before, it’s impossible to separate only five places from the whole amazing world. However, tomorrow will probably be even more difficult, as day 6 is all about the ways to win my heart, oh dear. 


Inspiring People


DAY 4 // Write about someone who inspires you

Inspiration is such an abstract concept that you never really know when the seed of an idea has been planted. I rarely have this thought of “I’m really inspired by this”  in the moment, it usually comes back to me at a time when I truly need it. Usually when people are asked the question “Who inspires you?”, the answer is someone who is celebrated for their talents and accomplishments. There obviously are famous people who inspire me in a superficial way, but they rarely leave a lasting impact on me. 

Instead, I really admire ‘real’ people, whether I see them online or in the flesh. Generally, people who inspire me are living their life in a healthy way, and by doing so, they are also giving something to other people. When I see someone who is really committed to something they love, I find it hugely inspiring. There’s nothing more uplifting than seeing a person move in a surge of true passion. For example, in high school, I had this lovely psychology teacher who was so incredibly excited about what he was teaching every lesson, that it really affected my motivation (and mood) positively. He was loving his job and really committed to giving the best lesson he could each time. I think our whole group was able take something home from his joyous energy. This especially has inspired me to find a job in the future, that I wholeheartedly enjoy. 

The more I live, the more I want my inspiration to come from a place of integrity and reality, rather than from people who I cannot relate in any way. There’s so much inspiration in our every day life, but sadly it’s sometimes hard to notice because there’s this idea that inspiration should be externally acquired. I don’t think that seeking external inspiration is bad, but rather, that sometimes you miss what’s already there by looking too far away in the distance. Friends, family, or even your neighbour can be a great source of inspiration if you take a moment to observe and listen to your surroundings.

Inspiration is complicated as people can be inspiring in so many ways. All these different ideas enter to our subconsciousnesses and some of them are brought to alive, and others are left to wait for their turn in another time. It’s not only important to think about the people who inspire you, but also, how you do, and can inspire other people with your own actions. 

Day 5 of this writing challenge invites to share thoughts about five places you want to visit, let’s see how it goes tomorrow!

Pet Peeves


DAY 3 // What are your top 3 pet peeves?

Pet peeves are something that I don’t think about a lot. Sure, I do find some habits  of people extremely annoying, but I don’t usually make a mental note to search them actively in other people. However, no matter how much I’d like to let people just do their thing and acknowledge their own mistakes without interfering, there’s still some things that when noticing, I need to stop, and take a really long and deep breath to avoid verbally exploding right in the spot. 

1. Leaving lights on

My family members do this a lot and it annoys me massively. I don’t understand how for some people, it’s not automatised to turn off lights when leaving a room. Especially spaces like the bathroom, why wouldn’t you turn the light off after showering? This really bugs me, because I believe that even small acts like turning off unnecessary lights contribute to the wellbeing of our environment. So at home, I usually end up being the person walking around the house turning off lights (whilst steam is rising from my ears) from rooms that no one is occupying. If you’re not coming back to the room within a few minutes, please just turn off the light. 

2. Checking your phone while having a conversation 

Why? In my opinion it’s just plain polite to focus on the person you are talking to, and not take out your phone every time a message or notification pops up. I believe that the actual person in front of me is more important than anything that’s coming through the phone in that moment (unless it’s an emergency etc.). Sometimes it’s even our precious social media that distracts the conversation, when the other person is more interested in their feeds rather than the physical surroundings. It really shows a lack of respect towards the person accompanying you, if you find that your attention is better used exploring your feeds.  

3. Littering 

Bringing it back to environment with this last one. I can’t stand seeing someone just let go of that piece of plastic instead of taking a few steps to put it in the bin. As if plastic is not a large enough problem for us in itself, it’s even worse when people just let it free-fall straight in to nature. I don’t quite comprehend the attraction of leaving your trash on the ground when you’re finished with the product inside the plastic wrap. If there’s not a bin nearby, why not take it with you and bin it at home? It’s not like there’s no means of transporting the rubbish, laziness is not an acceptable reason for harming the environment. 

It’s obvious that no matter how much everyone complains about every annoying habit, there are people who continue performing these acts shamelessly. Probably the best way to deal with people who get on your nerves is to try informing them about your problem, and do it gracefully without attacking the person. Pet peeves aren’t going anywhere, and most of them are probably best to keep within yourself, and not bring them up every time you catch someone in the action. 

Tomorrow’s day 4 and there’s going to be a post about people who inspire me, who they are, I’m not sure yet but we shall find out tomorrow!