Flowing My Way To Strength


Yes, I’m talking about yoga. I’ve now been practicing yoga pretty much daily for about a year, and it has affected me in a lot of ways which I’d like to write more about in detail. I had been quite intrigued by yoga for a while before I actually started practicing it myself, and I had heard quite mixed feelings about it too. I started my yoga-journey on Youtube by following YogaWithAdriene videos. I went straight in with the 30 days of yoga challenge which was a great choice as it kept me returning to my mat daily and I fell in love with the practice. I have done a lot of sports in my life so I had a pretty good basic physical condition to start, which had an effect on my progress physically. It took me a while to get into the practice also mentally and I still sometimes struggle to keep my mind focused. Here’s just a few things that I’ve discovered so far in my practice.

Mental calmness & focus

I’m quite an anxious person and my mind is alway running without a break as stream of thoughts, even when I’m sleeping they cannot stop their race. The more I’ve practiced yoga, the more I’ve been able to notice when my thoughts are turning into anxiety. Just simply noticing the change in my mind I’ve had the opportunity to turn my thoughts away from bad to good. Yoga is all about focusing on the breath and how it moves through the body and I’ve found that I now take this mentality into my life outside the mat too.

Another change in my mind has been my responses to things and people who irritate me. I used to be quite easily annoyed but as I’ve grown my practice, and actually grown in age too, my responses have become more neutral and rational rather than a full burst of negative emotion.

Strength & energy

The practice of yoga has definitely had an effect on my physical strength as well as mental. I really enjoy how you sometimes cannot even tell that you’re strengthening certain muscles as the practice feels in a way extremely relaxing, at least to me. It’s almost like this invisible strength that comes from within and turns into physical strength. I’ve also noticed an increase in energy as I’ve continued my practice and I can feel it’s effects during the day.

Gratitude & happiness

This boost of energy also comes with increased happiness to me. My feelings are a lot more positive than they used be, of course there are days when I’m feeling low but nevertheless my general mood is happier than it was before. With yoga I’ve also applied a practice of gratitude into my life and together they form this strong sense of connection to the world through appreciation. There is also the sense of vulnerability that I’ve noticed in my practice which has helped me to deal with people and my own thoughts as well.

I can’t wait to see what else this yoga-journey will bring to my life, but I think I’ve now formed a life-long habit of yoga and I’m integrating it to my daily habits more and more every day and finding my way to my own practice.




Beauty of Books

I’m reading The Night Circus at the moment and today I had this sudden realisation of how odd reading books is, and I mean odd in the best way possible. I find it so extremely wonderful how we are able to create whole worlds in our heads that at the same time are similar to and nothing like our real world. Even though we are reading the same books, we will still imagine the world like our mind forms it from the information that it has gathered throughout the years. No one will probably ever imagine the same book exactly the same way and I think that is one of the most astonishing things that our brains can do. I mean we can use our imagination to create things that we have never seen in our life and may never encounter in the future. That just blows my mind in a way I hadn’t realised before.

Watching TV-shows and films is so different to reading books as the world is already there, in front of our eyes. We don’t have to make the effort to create the images by ourselves and at times we can just let the images pass without really giving them a thought. I usually want to read the books before watching the films based on them because I like to use my own imagination to build the world before seeing someone else’s interpretation of it. Even after seeing the films I tend to imagine the story as I’ve created it in my mind because I just really enjoy the freedom of using my own imagination. For instance, I absolutely adore the Harry Potter films and at times I really have trouble removing the images of the actors from my mind and coming back to my own perspective of the characters when I read the books, but at the end of the day I still prefer my versions of the characters that I’ve created through the words of the author.

I think reading is such an important tool in developing our imagination and I wish that so many young people didn’t throw it away by thinking that it is uncool or just meant for a certain type of people. Personally, I’m so glad that I found the beauty of books and stories at a young age and I know for sure that I won’t lose my love towards them probably ever as they’ve shaped my personality and the way I look at the world for better.

Monday Feelings


I think Monday is a great day. It’s the start of a fresh week and it brings much needed motivation to get things rolling for the following six days. Monday is usually the day when I get most of the important and boring stuff done. It’s such a relieving feeling when you just get the things out of the way on the first day of the week and then you can focus on more fun tasks for the rest of the week. I think I got a really nice system going on at the moment which is making me extremely productive and I can only hope that this will become a natural habit for me.

On Mondays I also tend to catch up with unread blogposts and Youtube videos which give me a really nice boost, as I’ve tailored the blogs and channels that I follow to be inspirational and empowering. I just like to surround myself with positivity during Mondays as the day is usually promoted with such negativity and I don’t really fancy that in my life. I wish people would start appreciating Mondays more and welcome the new week with big smiles on their faces instead of wanting to forever live in the weekend days. The mind is such a powerful tool and I believe that the world can get easily over the horribleness of Monday and turn it something to look forward to and start the week in a good place, at least that’s what I intend to do!