Content Cleansing


Inspired by this video by John Green, I’ve been thinking a lot about to what/who I give my attention to in the internet. Even before the video was published, I had been pondering how to spend my time more effectively on the different social media platforms. A few days ago I took a good look at all of my accounts, and the people I follow as well as the content I subscribe to, and asked myself a few questions;

  • Does this person/content challenge my views and make me think?
  • Does this person/content affect my mood positively or negatively?
  • Do I really need watch someone else live their life, and then also follow them on every social media platform in order to keep up with their life?
  • Is it necessary for me to follow celebrities who mostly post pictures of themselves that are photoshopped or from the red carpet?
  • Can I truly relate to this content? etc.

After meditating on these questions a while, I unfollowed all the people/content that didn’t spark any activity in my mind when I came across the posts. I have to admit that it was actually kind of hard to unfollow some people whose videos I’ve watched for years, and on whose life I’ve been very invested in, but on the other hand when I did hit the unfollow button, I didn’t regret it and I’ve found that I don’t miss the content that used to fill my feeds at all. After all, these were people whom I do not personally know, and who probably wouldn’t want to be friends with me in real life, so what’s the point in following their life if there is nothing that I can get from them.

In retrospect it’s odd how quickly you can get addicted on watching other people’s lives. I know that there is a natural curiosity, that makes us want to see how others live their life, and I know that it can be comforting and give support to some extent, but for me the people I followed closely didn’t do that. There is a lot of content available that is educating, and deals with current issues going on in the world, and for me that kind of content feels more fulfilling. I want to put my critical thinking skills to use and grow as a consumer of content.

Personally I don’t want the internet to be a place that lures me in and traps me in it’s embrace. I would rather like it to be a place where I can inform myself, and connect with people by sharing thoughts on issues that I care about. When I open my feeds, I want to see what’s going on in the world, but also be inspired, laugh and feel a connection with people. I’ve often thought about completely deleting my social media accounts, but now that I’m more conscious about how I share my attention, I feel like I’m getting more back from it than previously.

I think the key to avoid being overwhelmed with all the information is to choose the content you consume carefully, and explore different sources of information, and seek a balance between different platforms. I’m loving this change in my social media habits as I’m able to enjoy the content I follow more and explore it thoroughly, rather than doing the mindless scrolling and double tapping something here and there.¬† In the end of the day, I don’t want to live my life through social media, it can be a tool to share moments and a source for information, but it cannot be what’s leading the course of my life.


At The Beginning, Yet Again


Greetings 2018! I basically spend the whole holiday reading, and watching all the Harry Potter films (is it really a Christmas holiday if you don’t do that?), and I must say that I enjoyed this time of the year tremendously.

Another year is yet again over, but to me this feels more like just any other new day. The reason might be that I didn’t create any unnecessary hype over new years resolutions or tight schedules for the month of January, instead I just let the year change without any expectations. Even though I don’t bother with resolutions anymore, I like to set few intentions or continue carrying out my intentions from the previous year. Here’s just a few intentions that I’ve set for myself during the end of last year:


I did complete my Goodreads reading goal before midnight yesterday which I’m thrilled about. Overall I read 50 books last year, and some books I read twice so technically the number is a bit higher, but that isn’t really important. I discovered so many new books and authors that I fell in love with straight away, so I consider last year an excellent year for me personally.

My intention for this year reading-wise is to enjoy the process more rather than rushing through the books in order to complete my goal. Towards the end of last year, I rushed through a few books because I was behind on my goal, and that hurrying made me enjoy the books less, which I definitely don’t want to experience while reading. This year I intend to read because I enjoy it, not because I have to do it.


I don’t believe in diets and I’ve never been on one, and I don’t plan on doing so in the future either. I just want to get back to cooking more and eating food that truly is nourishing. I absolutely love cooking (and baking), but towards the end of last year I became really unbothered about it which led me to eat so much worse than I’m used to, and I could tell it easily from my mood and energy levels.

This year I intend to get back on track and start cooking again, especially because I know how much I love making dishes from scratch, I feel I can get back on it easily. I also want to do more research about the food I consume and eat more sustainably, and also make sure that I get all the nutrients that my body needs in order to function properly


I’ve never been one to waste money on something I don’t need, but I’ve noticed that I could still change my habits and live with less. This is actually an intention that I want to keep possibly for the rest of my life. I want to live more minimally and focus on consuming more sustainable goods and services.

Overall I think I’d like to make more conscious choices and really challenge myself to think what is truly something, that I need in my life and what I could do without. I feel passionate about this, and I want to adjust my lifestyle so that I can sense it making a difference in the world.

Because I started making these little changes throughout December already, or whenever they popped into my head, I now feel less pressure to turn my life completely around in January. I still think that we should start small whenever we are in need for a change, rather than trying to go big only once a year.

There Is Time In The NOW


As the days of this year are slowly flying away and the year 2018 is on the horizon, I have noticed how my mind has started to take notes of what I shall start doing in the month of January. These notes include such things as “Next year I’ll spend more time with my friends” and “I’ll totally start using less social media in January” and so on. As I was holding these notes in my mind a thought occurred to me; why do I have to wait until January to make these little changes in my life? Why can’t I just start right now?

I understand that it makes a lot of sense to start fresh when the number changes, but why wait for that specific moment when it would be easier to just start right away? When we are waiting until the 1st of January there is a lot of unnecessary build up to it, and a lot of unrealistic goals that are believed to be magically achieved because they were started in the beginning of the year.

It’s so funny that we are generally obsessed with this idea of ourselves starting some amazing things in time that hasn’t yet happened, and sadly in many cases these amazing things are not going to be started but instead pushed back to the next Monday, month or even a year. Sometimes planning your life ahead won’t bring you the opportunities you really want or need, because we cannot live in those make-believes of the future.

Instead of leading a miserable lives with glorious dreams in our minds, we should use the present moment to start working on those dreams and make them the reality. If those dreams are in the January of next year, there’s quite a huge possibility that they will flow to oblivion and never be fulfilled. I don’t want to wish away this year so that I could start working on all those notes in my mind, but rather live right now and make the changes as I go along and see where I am when the new year is ready to arrive.