Wardrobe Clear-out


For years I’ve been a dedicated consumer of many chain clothing stores which has led to a wardrobe on a verge of explosion. Lately though I haven’t been as keen on shopping as I was a few years back and also my thoughts and attitudes towards the fashion industry have changed as I’ve grown older. Nowadays I’m extremely interested in a more sustainable way of living and I’ve been gradually doing small changes in my lifestyle to develop my habits on the level of my thoughts and opinions.

I’ve wanted to sort out my wardrobe for quite a while now and I’m happy that I finally took action and did it. I basically went trough everything that I had and only kept the clothes that I actually do wear everyday and the rest of my clothes I donated to UFF or gave to my friends. I wanted to keep the remaining of my wardrobe quite minimal and only keep clothes that are versatile and go with a lot of other pieces. I also saved a couple of special occasion clothes such as fancy party dresses because those are needed always and sometimes in a short notice so having a couple comes in handy.

In the future when I buy clothes, I really want to invest in good quality pieces that are also made either domestically or otherwise ethically but still are true to my style. My style is actually quite timeless and classic as I don’t really follow the current fashion trends when it comes to my personal dressing, so it is quite easy to find such pieces that are durable. I feel like I’m not as attached to my clothes as I have been before and I’m okay with the fact that I don’t own a million different pieces of clothing anymore but only the ones that I absolutely adore and use that will also last for quite a long while. I’ve also improved a lot in taking care of my clothes in a proper way so that they will last longer and serve their purpose in the best possible way.

Secondhand shopping is a thing that I’d like to start doing more as that’s probably one of the greatest way to support sustainable consuming and I know that there is a lot of variety and good quality pieces available if I just look for the right places. I’m so excited to develop my relationship with a more sustainable living and actually  put my thoughts into action and live in a way that is better for the world.