Recently Read #7


When I wrote about The Girl On The Train a couple of posts ago, I said that I couldn’t wait to read Into The Water as I enjoyed Hawkins’ first thriller thoroughly. I finally got the book into my hands and I have to say that it definitely didn’t let me down and I found it be a great successor for the The Girl On The Train.

Paula Hawkins: Into The Water

First of all, I find the concept of this book incredibly interesting, the idea of the Drowning Pool and the stories that have formed around the events that have taken place there were horrible and fascinating at the same time. The book focuses mainly on two deaths that have taken place in the Drowning Pool, a spot in a river that runs through the town of Beckford, both that could be either a suicide or murder. The plot twists around these two events, linking similar deaths that have happened in the past to the story. I really enjoyed unraveling the overall linkage that was eventually found between all the deaths that had happened in the river and the actual reasons behind them. Essentially the story is build around the themes of death, forbidden love, family, jealousy and hatred towards women with the river passing along as the main motif.

The story is told from multiple points of view which brought unreliability to the narrative similar to The Girl On The Train. I liked how the story is build from the different points of view and the reader has to link the pieces together. The multiple points of view also allowed the reader to get into the heads of different characters and explore their reasonings for things that they’d done. On the other hand, the amount of narrators could have been smaller as knowing every important character’s point of view made them all quite unlikeable to me. In addition it was quite confusing to follow the story at some points as the narrator changed so swiftly.

I really liked the fact that the murderer couldn’t be so easily guessed until towards the very end of the book and that other major secrets that gave depth to the story were revealed while investigating the suspects. There wasn’t that much tension leading towards the main revelation as it was more about finding out what events in the past led to these deaths. The major discoveries were made through flashbacks and the characters’ memories rather than discovering something new in the present. Still there was this uncertainty that continued through the book linking together side plots that eventually framed the bigger picture.

Similarly to The Girl On The Train, this book was easy and quick read as the writing is very eloquent. I absolutely love reading thrillers as they challenge my reasoning abilities and I liked how Into The Water is written in a way that requires the reader to be really awake in order to notice the small details that eventually makes sense as the story encloses.


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