Recently Read #3


Both of these books are from authors whose other work I’ve admired for some time. I had quite high expectations for these books, but I have to affirm that I was a bit disappointed when reading them. It’s a wistful situation when you really want to like a book by an author you respect but end up being disappointed instead.

Carrie Hope Fletcher: All that she can see

The idea behind this book is really sweet. The protagonist, Cherry, has a magical ability to make people feel better trough her baking and she succeeds in what she does until she runs into a man called Chase, who can do the opposite of what Cherry is able to do. This first leads to a rivalry and then to a romance between them. This all is mixed with fraud psychics and a society of people trying to control people like Cherry and Chase who are later titled as Feelers.

I had a really hard time keep reading the book from the beginning. The story begins really flat and the characters are very simple and lack complexity. Everything seems to happen very quickly and the romance that forms between the two main characters is kind of forced and comes almost out of nowhere. I struggled through the first half of the book and then was pleasantly surprised with the second half. The story became darker and more magic was added into the mix which really brought the book alive. I finished the book pretty quickly and really enjoyed how the plot developed further. I also liked the use of letters in the end as a way of communication as this added depth to the writing.

Carrie’s writing is really enjoyable and easy to read. I love how she constantly introduces me to new words and phrases. I would have hoped to seen a bit more complexity in the development of the characters, the protagonist didn’t really express any kind of change which was disappointing, she seemed too polished in my opinion. I really wanted to love this book but this just wasn’t for me.

Lena Dunham: Not that kind of girl 

First and foremost, this book is full of boldness, honesty and girl-power. This is what I really enjoyed during reading. I was so intrigued I read this in under 24 hours, I just couldn’t put it down. I though this book was going to be a guidebook type of work but it turned out to be more of a memoir with valuable life lessons written in between the lines and chapters. To be honest I really couldn’t relate to anything she was writing about. Her life seemed to just be full of drug and alcohol fumed mess with multiple awkward sexual encounters and odd family anecdotes. Again, everything was pretty alluring even though in places contained a bit too much information and I couldn’t just find anything that would make me contemplate my life choices.

The writing of this book was very gripping and fun. I could sense the thought that was put into the words as well as the undeniable talent that Lena has when it comes to writing. I also liked how the book was divided into specific sections even though she didn’t write in a chronological order. This book was a fun read and I wish I would’ve gotten more out of it.

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