Combating Social Media

I’m addicted to social media. My first thought in the morning has something to do with checking Instagram. When I’m bored I open my phone. When I’m waiting something I start scrolling. When I’m eating I reach for social media. I notice myself opening the phone way too much during the day and I hate it. I don’t even do anything significant I just scroll, scroll, scroll without really giving a thought to what I see. I find it so upsetting that my life has arrived to the point that I’m addicted to unconsciously staring at my screen.

The first thing I did in order to fight against social media was to stop checking my phone the first thing in the morning. This has made my mornings more productive for sure but doesn’t really affect the amount of time I spend on the virtual world during the day. The second thing I did to riot against this addiction was deleting Snapchat. I didn’t use it much anyway but still found myself often reading all kind of trash about celebrities on the news section so it was a great decision to disconnect myself from those unnecessary articles that don’t do anything positive to my mind. I also deleted YouTube and Netflix apps from my phone as it requires more effort to open my laptop than my phone so I’ll only watch something when I really really want to and not just because I’m a little bit bored because we all know how it goes when you trick yourself into thinking of watching only one video/episode.

Yesterday I also decided to start what I now call Social Media-Free Sunday. My intention was to reach less for my phone and do more things that would connect me with the real world. I noticed that my mind often wandered to social media and to who might have posted something  during this time and so on. But after a while I just kind of forgot it and focused on other things such as mindfulness colouring that I was absolutely obsessed a while ago and then got too busy, but I’m glad I found it again. I also noticed a change in the course of time as the amount of hours appeared to increase in my day when I didn’t constantly check my phone which was great as I also seemed to be much more productive and energised in general. I clearly use social media as a tool of procrastination which is a habit I want to get completely rid of. I wish to someday get into a state of mind where I truly register how much better it feels to cross out tasks from the do-to list than move them to the next day.


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