Finishing A Chapter.

Finishing a chapter in life is bittersweet, it’s extremely difficult to end but at the same time it’s exciting to start a new one. It’s especially hard when it comes to relationships because those are chapters that are connected to strong emotions and ending them is rarely pleasant. I just recently had to close almost a three years long chapter in my life and it hurts a lot. It makes it harder that I wasn’t ready to end the chapter but at the same time I knew that this needed to happen.  I don’t consider this chapter as finished yet as living through the chapters is a process that cannot just end right there and then.

I’m  still going through different emotions and trying to make peace with myself in order to continue to the next chapter in a good place, with my mind as clear as possible. I definitely don’t want to rush it as I cannot just throw three years into a bin and pretend that they never existed. I want to cherish the good memories as I have no reason not to. I need to take some time to be sad though as this has affected me a great deal mentally, I did not only lose love but also my best friend. I think it does good to be sad a while when a chapter is closing as long as you can eventually pull yourself out of the sadness. I have no need to be angry but I feel that I have to give my mind some time to reset and then mark this chapter as concluded.

Finishing a chapter doesn’t have to be the end of everything. There is always a new beginning that can lead to something wonderful. You just need to make the beginning a good one by first dealing with the emotions of the ending.


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