One Last Shot

You wouldn’t believe me if I told how many times I’ve started a new blog during my lifetime. I get really excited about starting a blog as I really enjoy writing but after a while I tend to become too busy or just lose interest in writing. Yet again I’ve decided to give it a try. There is something about writing that takes my mind off of everything else that  is going on. I feel my stress and tiredness instantly fading away as I’m typing which makes me even more excited about this one last shot of blogging.

I feel like I’m having a nice break from life right now. Mostly a break from school as I’m graduating next autumn and waiting to get in to a university. This summer feels like a nice little gap between two chapters in my life. I’m a bit sad but excited to leave behind my time in high school and step into university life. I really hope that I get in to either of the schools that I applied to. I don’t want to worry about getting in too much as I want to enjoy this summer and take it easy before the work starts again. I’m so grateful to have gone to such an amazing high school that gave me a lot to work with in the future. I’m looking forward to all the opportunities waiting for me and fulfilling my life’s purpose.



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