DAY 8 // Share something you struggle with

Lately I’ve been struggling keeping myself motivated a lot. My self-discipline has definitely seen greater days than these. Technically I’m on my summer holiday, so I don’t have any official assignments to do, however I’d still like to remain somewhat productive to pass as a decent human being, which hasn’t been happening during the past few weeks. 

I’ve certainly noticed how easy it is just to switch completely off, dive into the world of Netflix and Youtube, and stay in that spiral for hours at a time. This is the number one obstacle on my way to achieving productivity. If I let myself to access these websites, it’s highly likely that I won’t have the willpower to perform even the smallest tasks I have on my do-to list. To be honest, staring at a screen for hours makes me really drowsy and unenergised, but nevertheless I continue putting myself in this state of exhaustion! 

This has been an ongoing struggle for me since I discovered both Youtube and Netflix  years ago, and even now that I acknowledge that these sites are intentionally designed to keep people on them, and consuming content, I willingly let them do it to me. Why? Because I do get a lot out of the videos and shows that I watch, be it just pure entertainment, some useful life advice or educational content. Because of this, I’ve also tried to alter the content I watch to something I truly find insightful and useful, rather than just be nosy and follow how other people live their lives. 

As long as these websites exist, I shall probably continue obtaining my entertainment mostly from them, which is fine, but I hope that I can do it more in moderation in the future. It’s a fact that these companies are constantly working to keep their consumers using the products/services longer and longer, and there’s nothing I can do, but try and acquire more self-discipline when it comes to consuming content in a video format. Because let’s be honest, I won’t have the willpower to completely get rid of my accounts in the near future.  


10 Songs I’m Loving Right Now (Or Praise For Pray For The Wicked )


DAY 7 // List 10 songs you’re loving right now

Honestly, the only thing I’ve been listening to during the past month or so, is Pray For The Wicked by Panic! At The Disco. Technically the album has 11 songs in it, but I cannot bring myself to exclude one of them for the sake of this post, so I’m going to just discuss my love for the album as a whole.

Maybe I should start from the beginning with this one. I arrived quite late to the whole PATD party, I only started listening to them him when Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die! came out. Before that, I had heard a couple of their most popular songs, (I Write Sins, Ballad of Mona Lisa etc.) but never quite registered them in my mind, and they were just songs I enjoyed listening to without knowing the artist. After that, basically since 2013, I’ve followed Brendon quite closely and Panic! is now my absolute favourite artist. 

Pray For The Wicked might even be my favourite Panic! album of all time, it’s certainly a very close tie with A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out. I really can’t start ranking the songs in this album, because it would be too difficult due to the greatness of every single one of them. The tune I’ve been listening the most, is possibly Roaring 20s, and this is because I just turned 20 years old myself two days ago, and my roaring 20s are just starting, so it kind of fits into my current life situation pretty nicely (even though the song itself is about a lot of other stuff). 

Also, The Overpass and Old Fashioned are songs that I find wonderful, they both have this certain vibe that makes me weirdly happy. (As I’m writing this, by the way, I notice how bad a music critic I would be, as I find it so hard to express, what I feel when hearing the songs, in words. ) Overall, I just enjoy both of them massively. 

In conclusion I would say that this album is absolutely amazing, I love it, it simply shows the incredible amount of talent that Brendon possesses in every way. Most of the songs are really energetic and fun to listen to, but then there’s the lovely piano ballad, Dying In LA, that concludes the album beautifully. As a whole, the album to me is just perfection, and I will continue listening to it, let’s be honest, probably forever. 

I cannot believe that one week of this challenge is already over. I have to admit that writing these posts has been a great way to get words out of my head and into a written form. I shall continue tomorrow with a post about something that I struggle with, in the form of day 8. 

Ways To My Heart


DAY 6 // Five ways to win your heart

I’d say I’m a person who doesn’t let people win my heart easily. I don’t know how I really feel about this quality in myself, as I don’t consider it neither good or bad. It just takes me time to trust a person enough to completely open my heart to them, whether it be a friendship or a romantic relationship. Despite this, there certainly are a few ways that make it quicker to reach my distant heart.

I’d say the number one way is kindness. Sometimes I feel like this is such an underrated quality in people, yet it’s definitely one of the most important to have. I value kindness in other people tremendously, especially the kind of kindness that is not only limited to a certain group of people, but extended to everyone.

Another attribute would definitely be humour. My sense of humour is kind of weird, and a bit of dark to be honest. A lot of it is based on sarcasm, and I love people who can throw around quick witty remarks about basically everything. I try to live my life in a way, that I’m only serious when it’s required due to some official rules, and keep the rest of my time playful with lots of laughter. 

Third way to win my heart is books. Whenever I have free time, I’m probably reading, and I also really like to discuss the books I read with other readers. This is why I like to surround myself with people, who also understand the true joy of sitting still for an hour or two, completely immersed into a story. Reading definitely enhances imagination, which is why I find people who also read a lot awesome to be around with. 

Liking/adoring/obsessing Doctor Who is almost definitely a certain way to my heart. I’m always watching the show, no matter how many times I’ve seen the episodes. Doctor Who is my all time favourite TV show, and I truly appreciate people with whom I can watch and discuss it for hours straight. I think it’s always fun to find something common to watch when connecting with new people, as it’s such a relaxing way to spend time and get to know one another. 

The final way to my heart would be intelligence, I very much enjoy listening to smart people talk. Not like the pretentious kind, but the ones that just know a lot about a lot of stuff. I think it’s generally more interesting to be around people who have opinions about different issues, and can also talk about them eloquently. Just the ability to discuss the current events of our world cleverly is what I appreciate in people. 

So, in conclusion my heart is weird, and it will only surrender to hearts at least as weird as itself, or preferably to even weirder ones. There’s definitely a way that our hearts just recognise the good ones when the timing is right. 

Day 7 is about my current favourite songs, and I can already reveal that it will probably to be mostly Panic! at the Disco, and I’m not sorry.